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50 Years Experience with Building Codes:

Have you ever picked up a code book? They’re thick, heavy, and the test only covers a tiny bit of what is in that code book. Young builders get stuck all the time with code violations that have to be changed, costing you time and money simply because they didn’t know better. That doesn’t happen at Ron McGuire Custom Homes. We’ve had thousands of inspections done in different municipalities. This means we know how to make sure a home passes inspections. We know the subtitle differences between the municipalities surrounding Austin and we know what they want in a house before they give it the passing grade.
This also means that we know the inspectors. We’re not “buddy buddy,” but they know that we’ve been building custom homes for a very long time and, in a few cases, we know the code better than some of the young gun inspectors out in the field today.


50 Years with Reliability Building Homes:

You’ve heard the expression that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And in 50 years of custom home building, Ron has learned that it takes more than book smarts to build a quality custom home. Each home, each piece of land, each vendor, and each carpenter has a personality. Something that they’re good at and something that they’re not so great with. We’ve been building homes with these folks for so long that we know who to trust and what projects they’re going to excel at and which projects are best left to another carpenter.


With so many home builders offering their services, how do you know you will get a reliable company to build your home? This may take a little research on your part. It only takes a little time to find who has a stellar reputation in their field. A simple method is to ask people what they know about a particular home builder. That could be your first step. The second method is to contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints about the house builder you are thinking of employing. Lastly, the best testimony is from the people who have already had a home built by this custom builder.

What Is Important To You With Regard To Your Builder?

There should be several customer considerations that a luxury house builder must possess. He must first of all have the experience to be a home builder of top quality. Home construction is not just learned by books or by watching someone but by actually building homes under the supervision of a master builder. Experience in building custom homes is very important to the customer. Regular communication between contractor and customer is also a must. This is the only way that nothing is being miscommunicated. It is also the only way to keep a good business relationship between two parties. Luxury homes are expensive and there is no room for simply neglecting to inform the customer of the construction progress and plans.

Building your own home requires that you take into consideration some of the features that are important for your home. Of course you want your home to look beautiful, but some of the things that you need will also help in making it more functional and in some cases to increase the value of your new home. Home builders in Austin already have an idea of the importance of additional features for a home so when you talk to them, they will gladly explain to you why your home needs them. Here are a few features that you definitely want to consider when building your home.

Steel Doors And Windows

Steel doors and windows are one of the features which you could be adding to your home. The reason why they make a lot of sense is because not only are they unique and luxurious, but they also add an openness to every room. The steel windows and doors can also be great in whichever décor you choose to use. They make your home look a little bit edgier and modern so when you are looking for features from home builders in Austin, make sure to request steel for these features.

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video luxury home We are an award winning custom home builder and have been featured in several magazines, newspapers and other publications over the years for our outstanding design and innovative in home exteriors and custom ceilings.

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Nothing has thrilled us more than seeing a happy family enjoying their living space and feeling at home and comfortable.

We are an award winning custom home builder and have been featured in several magazines, newspapers and other publications over the years for our outstanding design and innovative in home exteriors and custom ceilings.

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