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With so many home builders offering their services, how do you know you will get a reliable company to build your home? This may take a little research on your part. It only takes a little time to find who has a stellar reputation in their field. A simple method is to ask people what they know about a particular home builder. That could be your first step. The second method is to contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints about the house builder you are thinking of employing. Lastly, the best testimony is from the people who have already had a home built by this custom builder.

What Is Important To You With Regard To Your Builder?

There should be several customer considerations that a luxury house builder must possess. He must first of all have the experience to be a home builder of top quality. Home construction is not just learned by books or by watching someone but by actually building homes under the supervision of a master builder. Experience in building custom homes is very important to the customer. Regular communication between contractor and customer is also a must. This is the only way that nothing is being miscommunicated. It is also the only way to keep a good business relationship between two parties. Luxury homes are expensive and there is no room for simply neglecting to inform the customer of the construction progress and plans.

My Builder Must Be Knowledgeable About The Soil Composition Of My Building Lot

Ron McGuire Custom Homes will inspect and analyze the entire lot, or property and present all the options regarding this property to you. The soil that your foundation is put on is a very important part of home construction. A foundation that is mainly sand will be treated very differently from a foundation that is made on rock or clay. A good luxury house builder will know how to approach each type of foundation in a manner that gives your house a stable foundation.

How Well Is The Construction Crew Supervised?

Although many construction workers are experienced and need little supervision, there are those times when speed may interfere with quality. That’s when the supervisor of a reputable construction company corrects the path the construction is taking. Ron McGuire personally inspects workmanship and materials used for construction. In this way, your home will be built with the sound and superior quality construction attached to the McGuire Construction Company name. Daily inspection and supervision is the norm for this builder.

A New Home Must Be A Contribution To The Neighborhood

Custom builders have plans available for your choice. They often use their own plans as a base and then change the plans to your specification. What customers want does not always fit the flow of the neighborhood. In fact, that’s why many HOA’s have specific regulations of the type of houses in their area. Even if your house will be in the country or without an HOA, there are still certain parameters to observe to make the house look exceptional in its surroundings. It is the responsibility of the contractor to point such things out to the customer.

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video luxury home We are an award winning custom home builder and have been featured in several magazines, newspapers and other publications over the years for our outstanding design and innovative in home exteriors and custom ceilings.

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  • Austin American



    Before the industrial revolution, architects and builders alike lavished as much attention on creating an attractive ceiling as they would sketching out the right floor or wall treatments for a home. Since the baby boom, however, ceilings have fallen from favor with most builders and home owners - with local builder Ron McGuire being a notable exception... Read More Custom Home Reviews

    Rick & Carol

    Belvedere 2014


    The most important question to ask a previous customer - Would we select Ron McGuire to create our next custom home? A definite YES. Over the years I have purchased 6 new construction homes in various states, so the building process is not new to me. It is always a team effort between homeowner & builder. Working with the Ron McGuire team has been such a positive experience...
  • Nickey

    After The Sale


    Back in 2001, I contracted Ron McGuire to build my house here in San Marcos. I had my own building design and prints and Ron was able to construct my home to my specifications. I love my open living space. Recently, we had enough hail to damage... Read More Custom Home Reviews

    Ron and Diane



    We were first time home builders in 1994 and the moment we met Ron McGuire, we knew we were in good hands. Ron treated us like family…….. We felt comfortable and knew we could trust him. We had some innovative ideas and he worked hard to implement every one of them in our dream home.
  • Mark



    Ron built my house in 1999 and I am still tickled to death with it. I have a little bit of a creative mind and had some out of the ordinary, somewhat unusual requests. I gave those to Ron... Read More Custom Home Reviews




    Even though I'd been planning on building my dream home for years, I just didn't know what to expect when it came to choosing someone to build my first custom home - but I'm glad I chose Ron McGuire Custom Homes. But just because I knew what I was looking for in terms of my home, but I wasn't sure what the process would be like, and of course I'd heard it could be a long & stressful one...

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Nothing has thrilled us more than seeing a happy family enjoying their living space and feeling at home and comfortable.

We are an award winning custom home builder and have been featured in several magazines, newspapers and other publications over the years for our outstanding design and innovative in home exteriors and custom ceilings.

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